Jewish-Arab Teen Chess League

The Keshet Highschool in the Katamonim neighborhood and the Beit Tzafafa Highschool in the Beit Tzafafa neighborhood are separated only by a train-track – yet the language and cultural barriers make them seem worlds away: People from one neighborhood rarely venture into the other.

But now, that’s beginning to change: Our Queens and Kings of Jerusalem Jewish-Arab Teen Chess League invites 15 students from each school (30, total) to learn how to play chess together -and most importantly, to learn how to interact and develop friendships with each other. Together, the participants create a shared language, learning an important life lesson that will last long once the game is over.

This project is in partnership with “JeruSchachmat”, the largest chess club in Jerusalem.

This project was designed at the initiative and with the support of the family of Daniel Segev, of blessed memory, who excelled at chess as an amateur player and was a big fan of the game.

Photography: Ofir Deri