“Our City” Tours (NEW Project)

About 100 young people are studying Hebrew and English at Maan College in East Jerusalem. Most of them intend to integrate into the Israeli educational and employment institutions of West Jerusalem.

However, limited by stigma and fear, they have a general lack of familiarity with the Jewish neighborhoods and residents of West Jerusalem. This deficiency extends to a striking majority of East Jerusalem students. East Jerusalem students require a framework to facilitate productive encounters with West Jerusalem’s people and its political, cultural, and historical sites. Kulna looks to fill this void with a monthly series of tours in West Jerusalem’s significant spots.

Already, we have conducted tours in Nachlaot, the Knesset, and the Shuk. Later this year, we will hold tours for other colleges in East Jerusalem, thus welcoming more students and young people into the Kulna community, and into the other events and projects we host.