The Queens and Kings of Jerusalem

After the success of Jerusalem Double, Kulna Yerushalayim is proud to present our new project: The Queens and Kings of Jerusalem.

The project has 30 participants: 15 Jewish 8th-grade students from the Keshet School and 15 Arab 8th-grade students from the Beit Zafafa school.  Both schools are only a few minutes away, separated by an old train track.

This project literally invites students to cross over to the other side every week, to learn and play chess together -and most importantly, to learn how to encounter each other.

The project, which started at the beginning of the academic year, is at the initiative and with the support of the family of Daniel Segev, of blessed memory, a lover of chess and excellent amateur player, as well as with the support of the educational staff of both schools, and of Jerushachmat, the largest chess club in Jerusalem.

We have already secured 20,000 NIS in funding, and are now seeking an additional 25,000 in order to carry out the program through to the end of the academic year.

Together, we can build a model of shared society in Jerusalem. We’ve already taken the first move. Now it’s your turn.

Join us!

  • Each donation of 100 NIS and upwards will include a gift of a wine cork in the shape of a chess piece
  • Each donation of 350 NIS and upwards will include tickets to participate in a simultaneous chess tournament with one of the Jerushachmat champions in 2019
  • Each donation of 550 NIS and upwards will include a private one-hour lesson with a chess master, in one of the following languages: Hebrew, Arabic, English, French, Spanish, or Russian.


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