The Queens and Kings of Kulna

Between the school ‘Keshet’ and the Makif school in Beit Tzafafa, there stands a barrier of only tens of meters yet substantial gaps of language and unfamiliarity. With the help of the game of kings, chess, 30 female and male students from the eighth grade from the two schools, received the lesson of a lifetime. Every week and over the course of the school year, they would get together to learn and play the game together. They not only learned to play one another, but also received the necessary tools and language skills that would allow for an enjoyable time with their neighbors.

The project was the initiative of Daniel Segev’s family, a lover of chess, and with the support and escort of the family itself.

Unfortunately, since the outbreak of Corona, we were not able to continue this initiative, yet we truly hope to be able to return and renew the weekly gatherings over the next school year.

For a video explanation of the project, please follow the link.

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