Charity & Assistance to Families

Caring for those in need is a basic tenet of both the Jewish and Islamic faiths and cultures. Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, we have helped hundreds of families in East Jerusalem whose financial situation had only gotten worse and a large part of whom were not viable for help from local authorities.

Tens of thousands of shekels were funneled primarily via food baskets and gift cards for supermarkets. Not only that, but within the framework of the project, we were also able to distribute clothes, computers and school supplies as well.

Kulna’s charity projects keep running during the length of the year by our many volunteers, and reach its peak during the holiday season, where there is a stronger need for actions of goodwill and charity to ensure a happier holiday for everyone.

During the month of Ramadan 2021, we were thrilled to announce the ‘Kulna charity box’ – which was a collection box with both Hebrew and Arabic inscriptions, beautifully made, which lends meaning and depth to one of the principles that lead our day to day activities at Kulna: obligation and responsibility for our community.

One of the pinnacles and a source of pride to come out of this specific part of our organization is the one that happens towards the Jewish holiday of Passover, called ‘kol dichfin’. We collect hametz products which are no longer relevant for the Jewish home during this holiday of eating only unleavened products, and distribute them among families in the East side. In the past two years alone, over 300 families have turned to us to come collect the products they wish to donate. We are now in the process of preparing an expansion of this act of solidarity towards the coming Passover in April 2022, which coincides with the month of Ramadan.

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